Who are the leaders of the largest Halal companies?

Who are the leaders of the largest Halal companies?

Who are the leaders of the largest Halal companies?

At the time of questions around the labeling of ritual meat, the question arises of the financial and commercial losses of such a decision. But who would be the loser?

Halal in France with 9 million potential consumers makes it possible to generate more than 5 billion in profit according to Abbas Bendali, co-founder and director of the firm Solis, specializing in ethnic (and Islamic) marketing studies.

The historic brands are: 
– Dounia , whose president is Iraqi, practicing Muslim and leader of the  BrFI  ( B reau de  r elations F ranco- I raquiennes) as well as of the GHT group  .
– Isla Délice   ‘s director and main beneficiary is Lahcene Belatoui. He is a practicing North African Muslim. A rather funny press release was published following questions from certain Muslims about the Jewish origins of one of the shareholders in the company.
– Medina : halal brand created by the French group Cocorico-Francewhose director is  Christine DARÇON-LAURENT.


The two largest suppliers of Halal meat in France are:

1 – LDC,  managed by Denis Lambert,  a listed company, whose brand is well hidden from being the country’s leading producer of Halal poultry.

The managing director is Denis Lambert, a  traditionalist Christian, heir to the group’s founder (initials of the three names of the founders: Lombert Dodart Chancereul).
He is married and has five children.
He is the owner of the Reghalal and Medina brands .
LDC distributes to brands like Fleury Michon, Herta, LeGaulois and in Leclerc, Leader Price, Hyper U and LIDL stores.

Group website:  http://www.ldc.fr/

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 enis Lambert wants the Halal monopoly:
http://www.ouest-france.fr/actu/actuLocale_-LDC-achete-la-societe -Corico-et-s-allie-en-Espagne-_40742-1810156——72181-aud_actu.Htm


2 – Zaphir, is  directed   Jean-Daniel Herzog .
The managing director is  Jean-Daniel Herzog  Jewish by faith, professional in meat production.
He is the owner of the isla’delice brands  .

Isla’délice would hold 44% of the Halal certification market. The rest is in the hands of LDC.
Source:  http://www.al-kanz.org/2013/02/09/isla-delice-chiffres/


Halal certifiers:

The first Halal meat market is not the big box but the neighborhood butcher. Particularly in cities with a high Muslim density, the Halal butcher shop is a must.
This market is difficult to quantify but covers the demand of the majority of Muslims. The Halal network is certified by the following organizations:

ARGML – Association Rituelle de la Grande Mosquée de Lyon – France
AVS – At Your Service – France
HALAL REUNION – Commission de Surveillance du Halal de la Réunion- Service – France
ACMIF- Association Culturelle Musulmane d’Ile de France – France
MCI – Muslim Conseil International – France
SFCVH – French Halal Meat Control Company – France
SCVH – Halal Meat Control Company – France

The distributors of Halal meats / products in France are:
Al Baraka
 directed by Kessir Kamel covers a large part of the specialized butchers. Tendre France (Franco-Algerian company Hadj Khelil and  Stephane Rénier http://www.bionoor.com/ ) Fleuy Michon halal  directed by Grégoire Gonnord Herta Halal  directed and created by the German Ludwig Schweisfurth Wassilia Casino brand  (director: Franck Naouri which also distributes Kosher meat) Isla ‘mondial directed by Karim Archerchour Carrefour Hallal, Carrefour directed by Marcel Fournier, Denis Defforey and  Paul-Auguste Halley


Zakia Hallal is a brand of the Panzani company managed by  Monique Piffaut .
Samia Halal is a brand of the family company directed and created by  Anne HAUDECOEUR  .


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