ICLA: the new NGO for Human Rights and against religious oppression

ICLA: the new NGO for Human Rights and against religious oppression

ICLA: the new NGO for Human Rights and against religious oppression

What a strange initiative that the creation of the ICLA acronym of International Civil Liberties Alliance for the average informed citizen. The ICLA is an NGO which alone represents more than a dozen countries, from India to Australia via Belgium, France or England.

To contact ICLA (following numerous requests):

Before going any further, let’s take a quick look at the events of the past ten years.
The resurgence of religious practice in France is the exclusive result of the religious awakening born after September 11, 2001. A starting signal which reinforced the feeling of frustration of the French Maghreb minorities, due to the stigmatization of Islam. Thus, faced with Muslim claims that arose between 2001 and 2003, Sarkozy, then Minister of the Interior, tried to organize French Muslim worship. Since then, many mayors today finance the construction of mosques with public money. The implantation of Islam has become a priority in cities where Muslim communalism is organized as a voting force.

The consecrated formula claimed an Islam of France in opposition to an Islam in France. The teaching of Islam in mosques today is almost entirely managed by imams from abroad and funded by religious countries with restricted freedoms. The Halal is controversial, pushed by the extreme right, anti-racism is blasted, the lay-out reorganized, discussed, diverted: the lines have moved.

This observation is a narrative, a priori typically French linked to our history with the ex colonies.


However, a surprising observation widens the field of vision, when we discover the same stigmas in all the countries that have welcomed immigrants between the 1970s and today. Whether in England, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway or Germany not to mention all the Western countries. At first glance, one might think that the newspapers specific to each country have spread the word.
The concern is the same everywhere: how to organize life in common in the face of Muslim demands?

The surprise is all the stronger when we discover this same problem in the mouths of Indians, Australians or Canadians.

A seemingly global phenomenon tends to revolve around the question of multiculturalism. If the Muslim on the street is not particularly proselytized, negotiations are taking place in higher spheres linked to the question of oil. Oil has been the sinews of war since the 1970s, which generated wars like the first Iraq war, the second and more recently the war in Afghanistan. Thus a double movement operates: a strengthening of Islam in the West, faced with an intensification of conflicts related to oil.

The development of Islam in the West is strongly stimulated, funded and encouraged by the OIC (Organization for Islamic Cooperation), which brings together 56 gas and oil producing countries. It is for example the OIC which wishes to impose – successfully – the prohibition to criticize religions – Islam in particular. The OIC is also behind the construction of the majority of mosques in Europe and decides on variations in oil prices.
The OIC currently, between August 13 and 14, organized a meeting in Vienna around the teaching of the culture of Islam at the heart of European schools. Not super laic you will agree.

At the head of the OIC is Saudi Arabia.

Des, managing marriage and divorce proceedings, between Muslims. These parallel jurisdictions have been validated by Tony Blair’s government in the name of multiculturalism and have the same value as a conventional court.

Some see in it the gradual, slow but determined installation of Sharia rules (Islamic laws) and by this, the obvious decline in fundamental freedoms. According to a 2003 European Court of Human Rights judgment, the Sharia is incompatible with democracy and Human Rights, since it provides for the stoning of adulterous couples, denominational racism linked to the status reserved for non-Muslims , amputation of feet or hands for thieves, the death penalty for apostates, a drastic reduction in women’s rights.

The ICLA has taken on this role and wishes to reaffirm the need to act for Human Rights, which are flouted in the name of economic interests binding Europe and certain religious oil-producing countries. This alliance will soon be 40 years old (in 2013). Thus, the part of the world where Human Rights were born, recalling the fundamentals of Humanism (respect for life, equality between men, respect for religions) is on their way to become the ideological relay of radical religious laws and discriminating in the name of this cooperation.
If ICLA is right, this means that this NGO will be very successful in the years to come.