For a free and secular Amazigh Azawad

For a free and secular Amazigh Azawad

For a free and secular Amazigh Azawad

When the proclamation of the State of Azawad was issued on April 6, 2012, immense hope was born. It was the end of centuries of curses. For the first time in centuries, an Amazigh state emerged on Amazigh land.

For all of us, this step was a giant step in history. This first Amazigh republic was a bit ours, to all of us, children of Amazigh North Africa.

The people of Azawad kept their promises of justice. He was never tempted to launch his forces beyond the natural borders of Azawad when no army was hindering his advance. The people of Azawad never wanted their liberation to be accompanied by the enslavement of another people, even if they were defenseless. The people of Azawad immediately asserted respect for their borders as well as for their national minorities within them.

It remained to secure international recognition, in accordance with the principles of the right of peoples to self-determination, the legitimacy of this liberation being incontestable.

But in spite of this peaceful spirit, this ethics put into practice, the problems which accumulated on the road of the very young State of Azawad were immense, the varied pitfalls and the numerous enemies.


The hostility encountered was commensurate with the voracity of the appetites who saw their prey fly away. While the former colonial power and its allies declared this proclamation “null and void”, the new imperialist powers of the Gulf were recycling former mercenaries by supplying them materially with their petrodollars and ideologically with their Salafism.

It must be believed that these maneuvers paid off because since May 26, 2012 there has been incredible confusion with the announcement of a “protocol” of agreement between the MNLA and the Islamists. While in truth, the word agreement is only there to camouflage an outright abdication in front of an obscurantist ideology, rejected everywhere that can only trigger regression and put a definitive end to all hope of liberation and progress .

Suppletifs, puppets manipulated by Arab princes who bask in Western casinos intend to swap the standard of “Tilelli” for that of submission to Arab-Muslim fundamentalism which they claim to impose on a people free and proud for attach it to the Islamist nebula.

By denying their ancestral values ​​of dignity and freedom to submit to a despotic and medieval order, these henchmen have to offer their people only humiliation, misery and chaos. An order that will surely banish their country from the nations.

As for the others who believe they can find a way out by abdicating in shame, these must remember the lessons of history. To give up your honor to preserve a situation, you lose both honor and war.

History will prove that those who remain faithful to their people and to their struggle are right. Our support for them remains unwavering.

Nothing will stop the inexorable movement of the peoples of North Africa towards the reconquest of their Amazighity.

Long live Azawad, Amazigh territory, free and independent in the vast Amazigh ensemble!

Paris, June 4, 2012
The Amazigh North Africa Movement